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3rd Officer at Intercrew Philippines Agency Inc. and studied Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation at University of Cebu - METC. I currently reside in Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines. I’m totally passionate about my life and your career I want what I have and I have what I want! I do something that I feel strongly about and I have a deep commitment to. I’m a sucker for non-profit types and artists (not necessarily starving)! As long as you care about what you do and want to leave the world better than you found it, chances are we’ll get along great. My family is an important part of who I am, however normal, crazy or in-between they might be. (What’s a normal family these days anyway, right) I value healthy relationships with my close friends and family, but I also have realistic expectations of my loved ones. In other words, I see the best in people while staying cool with human shortcomings. And I probably have a good sense of humor about my own! I can deal with flaws and imperfections, but I take serious issue with dishonesty. I enjoy being good to myself on the weekends and take time out for myself. It’s important for me to stop and smell the roses (I do frequently), and to have as much fun as I can. But I still think it’s important to do something for someone else — even if it’s just holding a door for a senior citizen — every single day. Disclaimer: Any tweaks, images, videos, music, posts or anything posted on this blog is not mine unless stated so, all belong to internet users. If anything that I have posted is yours and has not been credited, or you would like it removed just send a message! Follow me on: BB Pin:29EC2612


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    Anonymous said: Paano ko ba malalaman kung isang bisexual o straight ang isang lalaki? May mga signs ba ito lalo na kung bisexual ang lalaki? May friend kasi ako, nahihiya kasi akong itanong sa kanya baka kasi ma-offend kung hindi naman isya bisexual.

    Just ask! Mas maooffend pa ‘yan if you ask him indirectly and finds out you’re trying to pry something out of him. He’d appreciate more your being straightforward. Pero siyempre timplahan mo naman, you should have a sensitive intro and then cap it off with a very straightforward question.

    This also applies to any other question any girl or guys planning to ask to anyone. It works for me!

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